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plan In college to pursue and complete my BBA (Bachelor in business administration). With this degree, I see myself in a successful entrepreneurship role. I am suitable for this type of work because I am effective at forming collaborative relationships, have strong interpersonal skills, and am a problem solver by nature.


I completed a liberal education, including math, science, history, and English. I finished high school with a weighted GPA of 3.87 while being a member of multiple honors societies.

[High School Diploma] |
[East Lake High School]
[SEPTEMBER 2019] – [MAY 2023]


• Supervise Clearwater Beach by cleaning up trash, helping beach guests, and putting up, selling, and cleaning up cabanas.
• Organizes inventory for maximum output and selling of products.

[Beach-Guest Supervisor] |
[Bare Foot Beach House]
[JULY 2022] – [OCTOBER 2022]


• Verbal and Written Communication.
• Organization
• Problem-solving abilities


• JV Baseball: 9th 10th First Baseman
• Youth Baseball League Mentor
• School Photographer for sports clubs
• National Honor Society member
• 2 Years Foreign Language

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